Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style Trumps Christmas. Quarterly.

  I recall being a teenager wanting a pair of brogues I’d seen in Dolly magazine and walking home from the local shoe store holding back tears of frustration. Fashion-starved, the closest thing I could reference was mum’s “off limits” wardrobe and her “Color Me Beautiful” book. The nearest department store was an hour away. […]

10 Secrets To Worry-Free Property Investment

Over the past 20 years I’ve bought several properties, rented some, sold some, renovated and flipped some. Now my day to day business is leasing and property management so I have an insiders view into what worries property investors. I bought my first investment property when I was in my 20’s and it seemed like […]

Read This Before You Get Married or Divorced

My husband will spend hours late at night polishing and cleaning the interior of my car and then thinks I’m ungrateful when I don’t get excited about it. I acknowledge that it’s a nice thing for him to do but I don’t actually care so much about my car being that clean. I would much […]

A Cheapskate’s Guide to Parenting

  With three babies born in the span of 15 months plus a natural disaster thown into the mix I quickly mastered the art of  saving money, time and energy. Yes I am a self proclaimed cheapskate parent and you can benefit from being one too.  Here are some of my best tips: Buy Necessities in […]

Bargain Books: A Cheapskate’s Guide to Growing a Rich Library

Within a very short time span you could grow a fabulous library of tangible papery old fashioned books with interesting covers and spines of all shapes and sizes. Books can open up your mind to new possibilities and the riches contained within the covers of discarded treasures can enhance your life enormously. Imagine delving into […]

Get This Party Started! 6 Huffpo Blogs Published in 6 Days

In my last post I mentioned that Huffington Post had not published my original submission that I emailed Arianna Huffington directly.

“I Look Like a Real Estate Agent:  Why Do They Think I’m His Assistant?”   

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it was published early yesterday.  Since then it’s been getting a lot of attention.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  Has anything like that ever happened to you or your friends?  To be honest, I used to just mentally roll my eyes and be resigned to it but it’s 2016 and the story and those like it need to be shared now. (more…)