The Best Yoga Festival Ever

    In the lead up to the Consecration of Adiyogi at Mahashivratri 2017, approximately 12,000 Isha meditators from 50 different countries including Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, UK, and USA gathered to participate in the three day Yogeshwar Linga consecration at the Isha Yoga Center in southern India. Packed to capacity, the […]

How Losing Our Home In A Flood Changed Me For Good

1. I Developed Depression & Anxiety At 3am I sat on the toilet holding onto the tissue holder. It was hard to breath. In that moment I had no way of knowing that flood waters were engulfing our home. It was only days since Christmas and the children’s toys would be ruined. In hindsight my […]

Why You Should Never Wear Thumb Rings. It’s a Juju thing

Embed from Getty Images     In his book “Mystic’s Musings“, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has warned women to never wear any metal rings on their thumbs as it “will lead to attracting occult forms”. Sadhguru, a name which means uneducated guru, is an Enlightened Yogi, Mystic, Humanitarian, New York Times Bestselling Author, and more than […]