Women Only Train Carriages. Band-Aid for a Sick Society

So this morning I said to my husband “What do you think about this proposal for these pink all-women train carriages?” “Well if women want equality….”  He began.  He’s 6 foot 5 inches.  A big, big man.  So has he ever been afraid to go somewhere?  No.  What a privilege!  A privilege that more vulnerable […]

Shut The Front Door on Mothers Day Dilemmas. Gift Mom Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style

Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style is the gift that keeps on giving for way longer than a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates ever could. Incredible value at only $100 for over $300 worth of chic fashion, beauty and lifestyle gifts. Save yourself a trip to the mall. Simply go to boxofstyle.thezoereport.com and present […]

How Meditation Helped with my Anxiety

  I was fed up with my self diagnosed mild anxiety, which came to the surface after a natural disaster we were involved in several years ago. It seemed to be triggered by large dogs. With three defenseless little souls in my care I would get very concerned that if a dog decided to attack […]

Read This Before You Get Married or Divorced

My husband will spend hours late at night polishing and cleaning the interior of my car and then thinks I’m ungrateful when I don’t get excited about it. I acknowledge that it’s a nice thing for him to do but I don’t actually care so much about my car being that clean. I would much […]

A Cheapskate’s Guide to Parenting

  With three babies born in the span of 15 months plus a natural disaster thown into the mix I quickly mastered the art of  saving money, time and energy. Yes I am a self proclaimed cheapskate parent and you can benefit from being one too.  Here are some of my best tips: Buy Necessities in […]