How I Met My Divine Husband


The story of when I met my husband is an interesting tale.

With a string of failed relationships but bucketloads of bad choices behind me, I decided to move to Brisbane to create a new life for myself after living my 20’s on the Gold Coast and Sydney.

After my most disastrous and toxic relationship yet – I wondered if I’d ever recover from the emotional abuse and so tip-toed trepidatiously into the Brisbane dating scene. As I had long suspected, Brisbane was a gold mine of eligible bachelors of a much higher calibre than the players on the Gold Coast.

I met Craig at a Melbourne Cup function for real estate agents hosted by The Courier-Mail Newspaper. Young men circled me like sharks and I knew their type well. Naturally I gravitated towards the man who was definitely not going to sleaze onto me as he was in a committed relationship. I had a knowing that he was not that type. The group of us had a fun time and ended the evening at the Fringe Bar in Fortitude Valley.

Life was back to normal the very next day. Craig did email me asking if I wanted to have coffee and discuss the opportunity of working at the New Farm office. I really couldn’t think of anything worse than being in an office with about 20 young sexed up and highly competitive sales guys. No! No thank you.

I didn’t give the Melbourne Cup day another thought until one morning in January. Inspired by “The Secret” movie by Rhonda Byrne, I had brain stormed a sort of a vision board and on it I had written names of positive people I knew. Craig’s was one of them but in a purely platonic way – as were the others. On my picture vision board was a photo of a dark haired male model and a Mercedes-Benz amongst other things.

One morning I woke up and had the clear instructions pop into my head – not as an idea – but as a clear direction.

Marry someone like Craig Sharp

I took notice! It was my intention to find a good husband and settle down. I’d never had a clearer message. Where it came from? Intuition? My higher self? I had no clue, but I was listening.

Ok – I thought. I will marry someone like Craig Sharp. The message didn’t say “marry Craig Sharp”, it said “someone like Craig Sharp”.

About a month later I found out that he had split from his partner. How uncanny. With those words fresh in my mind “Marry someone like Craig Sharp“, I emailed him straight away and asked him if he wanted to have that coffee now.

We caught up a few days later. He took me for a date in his Mercedes-Benz and we have been together ever since.

A long and complicated series of events had to happen for us to get together and the funny thing is that neither of us had to strive in the least for it to happen. It just all naturally fell into place. Too complex to be simply co-incidental, I believe this was divinely timed and guided by a spiritual undercurrent.

What do you think? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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