My Detox Week : Day 1


Ever since I got back from India my body clock decided that it wanted to stay up till 2am.  I have been getting more and more fatigued and started wondering if there was something seriously wrong with me.  I would wake up tired and just feel tired all the time.  This has been going on for about 2 months now.

Last week I decided I just need to eat better so went to get some fruit and veges at an old fashioned fruit & vegetable shop in Sherwood (which was really strange – I’ll tell you about further on).  When I got there the fruit & vegetable shop was gone and replaced by what looked like a health food shop.  So I walked in and picked up a bottle of Floradix liquid herbal iron extract as I thought perhaps because I don’t eat meat I could be iron deficient.

I soon found myself talking with the store owner and naturopath, Marie Lee-Chee, who was looking into my eyes and asking me

What’s up with your circulation and skin?

I don’t know?”  I said

I do iridology too” she said, “I’ve been doing this for 20 years

She told me to put the Floradix liquid herbal iron extract back on the shelf and take some multi vitamins instead.

Soon I was handing over money for the vitamins and my first appointment which she told me would involve a 90 minute consultation and a detox where I would be basically vegan for a week.  “Not a big deal” I thought to myself as I rarely eat meat.

The strange thing about this whole visit was that the fruit and veg shop hadn’t been there for 5 years.  I just had this intuitive feeling to head in that direction and ended up there.  When I got there and realised the fruit and veg shop wasn’t there I knew I was meant to meet the naturopath.  I’d never ever considered seeing a naturopath before.

During the consultation, Marie asked me all about my personal and family health.  After that she looked into my eyes and could tell a lot of things about my health that I had forgotten.  She could tell from my eyes what organs needed attention.  The amount of information she gleaned by looking into my eyes was truly remarkable.  I was stunned silent.

During the consultation I found out some alarming news:

  1.  We incur a sleep debt.  If we don’t get enough sleep we accrue a “sleep debt” and if we don’t catch up on it – the sleep will come off at the end of our lives, according to Marie.
  2. Teflon cooking pans have been linked to Alzheimers and Cancer according to Marie.
  3. Microwaves are not good.  Marie doesn’t have one in her home.
  4. Common household cleaners we use including some earth friendly brands actually have chemicals which we may breath in and which could cause cancer.


My Detox Goals

My main issue at the moment is fatigue so I am hoping to eliminate fatigue from my life and increase energy levels.  I will probably lose some weight from the toxins that have built up in my body over the past 42 years.  Marie weighed me and said I weight 75kg.  When I looked at the scale I read 74kg but whatever!

Marie gave me this list which may also be found on her website   and facebook page 


Benefits of Detoxification

  1. boosts energy levels
  2. rids the body of toxins & free radicals lowering cancer risk
  3. aids weight loss
  4. strengthens the immune system
  5. improves condition of skin & hair
  6. increase mental focus & concentration
  7. anti-ages the cells of the body
  8. improves digestion & elimination
  9. reduces addictions
  10. improves circulation
  11. improves sleep quality
  12. helps balance hormones, increasing libido
  13. tones up organs such as liver & kidneys
  14. reduces stress

I’m grateful to Marie for sending me this because I may need to read it over and over again this week as I ask myself “Why the F am I doing this detox?”.  Apparently I can expect to experience some unpleasant side effects such as headaches and diarrhoea which are common during one’s first ever detoxification.  Marie was very concerned that I’d be able to get to a toilet whilst at work.  This could get embarrassing!

Marie overloaded my fatigued brain with amazing advice and information and has given me a 2 page document including instructions and simple delicious detox recipes.  I am not that keen on cooking so I will probably just stick to salads and whole fruit for the next week.

Some of the instructions include the following:



the diet consists of basically 50% vegetables :  25% plant  :  25% fruit but I think she said I can do 50% vegetables :  50% fruit  so to make things simple that’s what I’ll aim for

No animal products (no eggs, no milk, no cheese) – I will miss cheese and crackers!

4 bottles of water per day

no coffee, alcohol or tobacco (Coffee is my only real vice here)

No cooking in aluminium of non stick cookware, overcooking, boiling, deep frying or microwaving food.  I guess I’ll be eating salad for a whole week.

She has given me lots of supplements including her own carefully measured concoction which are possibly the most important part of the detoxification process.



At least 9 hours of good quality sleep !   For me that means no TV and getting to bed at about 8.30pm.  Tonight I am going to a seminar which doesn’t finish until 9.30pm and knowing myself I will probably be buzzing from it and want to talk about it with my husband until midnight.  So this sleep goal is going to be a work in progress.



Exfoliate skin daily stroking towards the heart   – this was a big surprise for me because I don’t always exfoliate but when I do it’s in a back and forth motion.



30 minutes of sunshine and fresh air.   I always feel good after spending 30 minutes in the sun and fresh air of our rear balcony so am very keen to commit to this!



1 Hour of activity a day.  I think that means exercise.  We’ll see how I go.



Marie has suggested only natural products should be used.  This is really pushing me out of my comfort zone as I am going to have to replace familiar items we usually buy at Coles with unknown products from a health food shop like NaturestarWray Organic or Mrs Flannerys.



I’ll post some more news on this detox soon.

Have you ever had a detox?  For what purpose?  How did it go?

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