The Top 5 Reasons Property Managers Choose Certain Tradespeople

Rumours are rife about why we property managers engage particular tradespeople. Without further adieu here are the top 5 reasons we choose to engage the tradespeople we do.

Reason #1
They are Qualified and have a high standard of service delivery. In order to work with us the tradespeople must be qualified in the field of work they are engaging in. Your property manager should have copies of these credentials on file.

Reason #2
They are Appropriately Insured. In order to protect the interests and safety of all concerned, the tradespeople and contractors we use must be appropriately insured. We have copies of these details on file and make sure they are updated as the policies expire.

Reason #3
They are reliable, contactable and want the work. This is a big issue for a property manager as a lazy or tradesperson puts our reputation in jeopardy when tenants aren’t satisfied that their maintenance requests are being attended to in an efficient manner. This makes the agency look bad and gives property managers a bad wrap from tenants due to a perceived lack of efficiency on part of the property manager.

Reason #4
They communicate with us. They send us written quotes, and usually call to explain the situation to us and our options for maintenance and repair. This allows us to contact our investors and decide on the best course of action to keep the property in its best possible condition, and keep our tenants happy. Tradespeople who carry out the work and then send us an invoice without any explanation don’t last long with our team.

Reason #5
They do good work and minimise cost to our clients. This goes without saying! For example, we will ask the plumbers to have a quick check around the property if they are already there as the last thing we need is to be calling the same tradie out for the same issue 2 or 3 times in one week! This makes it really difficult to explain to a property investor.

In my personal experience the relationship between property manager and tradesperson is purely professional and not based on anything other than quality of work, effectiveness and good business practices. At the end of the day Property Management is not an easy task but by engaging with professional tradespeople and service providers things can run more efficiently. That’s all there is to it.

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